1. factorygirl-photography:

    (via isyourworld)

    Training in marksmanship helps girls at Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles, Calif., develop into responsible women… (por The U.S. National Archives)

  2. brianmichaelbendis:

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster by Paolo Rivera

    (Source: imnotdaredevil)


  3. This is the coolest

  4. Ser Sandor Clegane, The Hound, of House Clegane watches The Wire.  This is not a drill people!

  5. adamconover:


    My entire Lucky Peach article about Wylie Dufresne and wd-50 is up on Medium today, if you want to read it! The sentence I’m most proud of is definitely, “…poop should be renamed “doof,” since that is food backwards.”

    This piece is nominated for a James Beard Award for Best Humor, in journalism. 

    This piece is so funny and wonderful. This Lisa girl is really a delight!

  6. orano:

    Moebius 2003

    Illustration #2  for  “L’ARBRE DES POSSIBLES” (The Tree of Possibles) by Bernard WERBER

    ALBIN MICHEL Edition, Paris  2003

  8. I live in Medford, NJ.

    The neighborhoods here are all set up in these housing developments that have names and signs at their entrances.

    I like the lettering but more than that I like the names. They seem to be just hodge-podge rural sounding words thrown together in pleasant combinations.

    Oak Pines, is just two types of trees.

    GristMill is my favorite.


  9. I’m not posting this because I think people should see (though I do think that).

    I’m posting this as reference for myself. I’d rather have it and not need it then need and not have it. 

  10. plasticfarm:

    The second THANOS AND DARKSEID: CARPOOL BUDDIES OF DOOM. Guest starring: Doctor Doom!

    Written by Justin Jordan (who has a new issue of Green Lantern: New Guardians coming out this Wednesday and has a new series, Dead Body Road, coming out in December) and drawn by Rafer Roberts (who is currently making Plastic Farm and Nightmare the Rat comics).

    You can read the first Thanos and Darkseid here.