1. The Crowning Achievement of My Life So Far is A Spoonerism…

    … and it is also the namesake of my blog.

    Covert Ops = Overt Cops

    It is a spoonerism ANTONYM. They mean the opposite of each other! I’ve never been able to find another.

    This is my peak, this is my perfect-spiral Hail Mary pass to score the game winning touchdown in the state championships. I’ll probably start going bald soon and thinking about what I used to be.

    I’m putting out an APB for any other spoonerism antonyms (spoonernyms ?) or synonyms. Get back to me.


  2. Spoonerisms!

    I like spoonerisms.

    A spoonerism is when you switch the corresponding parts in two words. They are EVERYWHERE.

    A few famous one I stole from wikipedia:

    The Lord is a loving shepherd = The Lord is a shoving leopard

    A crushing blow = blushing crow

    Look out for them


  3. My hands are in the top right of this picture!!! Thanks Ellie!

    Also it’s an interesting read.

  5. melsanie:



    I still say this. 

    (Source: humanstefan)

  6. kickoffcoverage:

    An EAGLES fan found a brilliant way to recycle their old DESEAN JACKSON jersey. With a few small modifications they were able to turn it into a JEREMY MACLIN jersey.

  7. design-is-fine:

    Johann David Steingruber, Architectonisches Alphabet, 1773. Germany. Via spamula.net 

  8. ghaas:

    A little light reading from 1899

    (via joehillsthrills)

  9. putrida:

    Lynd Ward.

  10. comicbookcovers:

    Space Adventures #37, Decemebr 1960, cover by Steve Ditko